TAGfixit Services Limited is a registered company in Nigeria. As management consultancy corporation, we offer facility management cum handyman consulting services. And as trained practitioners with experience in Real Estate, Chartered Administrators with vast knowledge in Facility Management and Licensed Management Consultants, you can be guaranteed that the Management and Maintenance of your Homes/Offices are in competent hands.

In Real Estate, Construction basically entails overseeing planning, development, and execution of construction plans in a particular location or building.

When moving into a new apartment, either purchased or rented, often times  the home/office needs renovation or remodeling. And most times, you need this done within the shortest of time, we have renovation specialist, with well documented and skilled artisans that can attend speedily to such. The success of any renovation or construction project requires a knowledgeable and dedicated property development company with an eye towards details and a passion for producing a high – quality finished product on a reasonable budget. 

When you purchase household appliances or office equipment, it is certain that depreciation will set in and some of them might break down. Our handyman can revive any broken, damaged or abandoned appliance, equipment or machine and it will be as good as new. 

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